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There are endless reasons as to why a pharmacy owner decides to sell their business. We exist to facilitate that decision making process, and be sure to protect our clients’ interests as they enter the complicated world of pharmacy acquisitions. Most find the sale of their pharmacy a daunting and rigorous process.

Don’t put yourself in a position to be taken advantage of, or underestimate the value of your business, or overestimate the expense of the anxiety and stress a broker-less sale may impart. These decisions, whether to sell, when to sell, what the best approach to marketing is etc., are best left in the qualified and capable hands of experienced and proven brokers such as the experts you will find at operates by the principles of maximizing sale value for our clients based on our extensive knowledge of the market, and by accessing a broader more comprehensive market base of potential buyers which contribute to our clients’ extremely successful profit margins. We evaluate the market, and develop a marketing strategy based on your business’s unique position, assets, and valuation.

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We use our proprietary technology developments to confidentially market your pharmacy to a large group of eager buyers and investors. Our method allows us to attract buyers without excessive disclosure and the jeopardy brought about by such leaks.

Selling Your Pharmacy

Through each phase of the process we ask those 5 questions, evaluating our progress based on the results and adjusting our approach as often as the situation requires.

Phase 1: Discovery

During this phase we go to great lengths to learn all we can about your pharmacy while maintaining the strictest confidentiality. This process give Pharmacy Brokers a competitive edge when representing your interests to our database of potential buyers, as well as to the public at large.

Phase 2: Developing a Plan

Here we use what we have learned about your pharmacy to define a strategic sales plan designed to showcase the value of your pharmacy to potential buyers. We will build a structured sales approach, define your particular market, and even assist in the valuation process.

Phase 3: Marketing

Once we have a clear understanding of the value your individual pharmacy brings to the marketplace we will help you position it to a pool of qualified buyers using a range of appropriate tools, including:

Phase 4: Closing the Deal

Once a buyer is in place and has been thoroughly vetted, Pharmacy Brokers will help negotiate the terms of the sale to ensure you get the most out of your professional and financial investment. We will help facilitate the closing process by ensuring that all the right players-attorneys, accountants, closing specialists, financing professionals-have been engaged and secured. We make sure the necessary documents are prepared and meet your requirements. Finally, we see that the ensuing contracts are executed profitably.

Find Out More

We suggest you do not wait to reach out to us if you are looking to sell a pharmacy, and we are literally available 24/7! We have a wealth of information that may assist you and a detailed database of options for partnerships. Please let us know your pharmacy sales needs and we’ll over-deliver!

You can certainly call us now at: 877-955-4447 or fill-out the short form below. However you want us to respond to you (phone call or e-mail) you can expect to receive correspondence back from us in a very short period of time!

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